BitGuild removes Ether Online

BitGuild’s thinking with its portal

BitGuild has been making a few chops and changes to its portal and platform this quarter.

As we’ve already seen, the platform is already taking steps to reposition its native PLAT token.

But more recently, it’s announced that it will be officially removing the game Ether.Online from its all-in-one platform.

In a tweet published this week, the team gives a relatively vague statement relating to the game’s removal.

“We have decided to remove Ether Online from the BitGuild Portal. Our goal is to make the experience for blockchain gamers as smooth as possible, and that requires constant optimisations and a curated list of games that are up to our standards.”

While Ether Online has been removed from the portal. The team appears to be moving its focus across to its newest game: Token Tycoon, which started off as a cross-promotion on its Twitter account, and has since become the centre of attention.

Whether this is Ether Online being behind in updating for the BitGuild portal, or a shift in focus remains to be seen, however.

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