Decentraland’s invites crypto-communities to join its second LAND Auction

With its first success comes a much anticipated sequel

Decentraland has had an interesting amount of success when it comes to its auctions. Its first one managed to bring in a total of 161 million MANA, equalling $30 million, and now the users want an encore.

And with 9,300 parcels of LAND as of yet unclaimed, the platform is officially announcing its second LAND auction. For users, there are a lot of advantages to taking part in the LAND auctions according to the team:

  • Purchasing several adjacent parcels of LAND at once, to create a new Estate.
  • Buying multiple parcels at once can be difficult in the current public market.
  • Expanding your current LAND or Estate holdings to include adjacent, unowned space.
  • Find affordable LAND where you can build, share, and monetize your 3D content and experiences!

How it will work

The basic format of this auction system will revolve around a ‘Dutch’ system which is commonly in use for games like MLB Crypto Baseball. This system means that LAND will start at a higher price and gradually depreciate until users are willing to bid on it.

To take part, users will need to have access to the desktop browser, a MetaMask, Mist, Ledger or Trezor wallet.

For more information about Decentraland and its LAND auction, visit the website.

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