Gods Unchained released its closed beta

The wait is nearing an end!

No-one expects to be told that their aim is to break the game, but that’s what betas are for. Especially for the team behind Fuel Games’ Gods Unchained as it is officially sent out to its first wave of testers. So far, this consists of a small group of community members but will increase as the team scales it up.

The objective? Stress-test the game and find bugs to iron out:

“In the closed beta, we want people to stress test and try to break the game. You will run into bugs, as they’re to be expected at this stage.”

At the moment, the beta is not optimized for widespread use, with the game facing challenges when played on Mac.

System Requirements:


  • Intel Core i5–2300 (2011)
  • Intel Core i3–6100 (2015)


  • 4GB DDR3 or DDR4


  • NVIDIA GTX 1050 (2016)
  • NVIDIA GTX 960 (2015)
  • AMD RX 570 (2017)
  • AMD RX 480 (2016)


  • 2GB

Operating System

  • Windows 10
  • Mac (not recommended due to their graphics cards)

While it’s in its early stages, with elements like its in-game menus being re-vamped in 2-3 weeks time. Updates such as a new deck builder, along with an increased number of cards will be included with the next few weeks.

Currently, the combat mechanics are constrained both by a smaller pool of cards and users. This means that PvP battles will be limited to designated times which will be announced through the teams discord channel.

For more information about Gods Unchained and its beta, visit the Medium post.

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