Titan Flight has giant plans for integrating blockchain into its games

Enjin’s blockchain is going for a Titan Flight

Enjin‘s ecosystem has been steadily growing over 2018. So far, its ‘multiverse‘ consists of 12 games from wholly unique developers.

Among them, the most recent is the game development studio Titan Flight, which intends to put it to extensive use.

In particular, it sees the Enjin blockchain being particularly useful in the mobile gaming world. Titan Flight’s CEO, Jon Werthen, believes that it can serve to redefine the mobile gaming experience for players:

“We believe that the time gamers spend beating levels, defeating opponents, and earning high scores should be recognized and rewarded with real value. Together with Enjin, we can and will make this a reality for gamers across the world.”

At the moment, one of its first games that will put the Enjin system to use is ReBounce. And while it will be one of the first to utilize the blockchain for in-game rewards and items.

According to recent posts by the team, it has announced that it intends to create a ‘high-velocity esports game’ which revolves around the application of Enjin.

Featuring single player, the multiplayer mode is one that offers a lot of potential as a spectator sport and exposure for advertisers. The team also hopes to apply the recently introduced QR code system called Enjin Beam.

By applying Enjin, Titan Flight will be able to create branded games for companies, allowing for wide-scale adoption for players, and highly effective advertising for companies.

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