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Decentraland is coming at us hard and fast with new updates

Developments are coming hard and fast for the Decentraland team this month.

Just recently, it has announced its second LAND Auction as a sequel to its successful first auction in January 2018. While it continues preparations for this, it’s managed to secure a new collaborative agreement with the coin exchange: Binance.

Decentraland & Binance’s collaborative competition

The highly reputable coin exchange announced a partnership with Decentraland this week. This partnership is highlighted by an exclusive trading competition which will be hosted on the Binance platform.

For those that choose to participate, there’s a prize pool of 1.8 million MANA ($113,000), and 4 parcels of LAND branded by Binance. These participants can also choose to use either utility tokens for taking part as well.

Not one, but two LAND competitions!

While one competition would be exciting enough, the Decentraland team has announced its own competition via Twitter. To take part, users will only need to share its original post, with the winners being able to win one of three parcels of LAND.

According to the team, each holds a value of 75,000 MANA ($4,700).

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