Decentraland – Introducing Metaverse Ventures

From mortgages to casinos, Metaverse Ventures is encouraging innovation

From being a holder of MANA and LAND from Decentraland. The Digital Currency Group (DCG) has been excited about Decentraland for some time, and has been involved in expanding its metaverse.

To achieve that end, DCG has announced its new subsidiary, Metaverse Ventures.

The aim? To invest in companies interested in building and developing on the Decentraland platform.

This makes sense for DCG, which already boasts a number of subsidiaries within the platform. These include DCL Plazas and NonFungible.

These operate as a Virtual Coindesk and CoinMarketCap respectively, providing content and trading information for users.

How Metaverse Ventures works

The venture operates as an investment company any companies interested in building on Decentraland. The most recent examples include Vegas City, which includes LAND retail and leasing. It has recently been helped by Metaverse in securing 7,000 parcels of LAND.

The other is Artie, which is a startup based in LA. Artie operates as an AI-powered platform involved in the creation of intelligent/autonomous avatars on the platform.

DCG Ventures’ portfolio includes the Rovio Network, which specializes in offering Decentraland mortgages for users interested in building on the platform.

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