Bitizens is officially moving from Ethereum to TRON

Bitizens are moving on to new real estate.

Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of the TRON network, has been urging developers on Ethereum to head to TRON. This is according to one of his tweets from November 25th, which cited issued that developers faced with transaction costs and scalability.

One of the companies that have been working very closely with the TRON team is BitGuild. And the platform has officially announced the migration of its game Bitizens to the network.

Beginning with its social messaging app and digital wallet, GuildChat, BitGuild has steadily been moving games over to TRON. Since its mainnet went live mid-2018, it has steadily been proving appealing to game developers while Ethereum has provided problems, according to the team.

“As interest in dApps grew, so did Ethereum’s scalability challenges: congestion issues, long waiting times, high gas fees, and poor stability. This had led users to lose interest in ETH-based games and other dApps.”

One of the advantages that the team has is prior hands-on experience with TRX-10 & 20 tokens.

Meaning that digital tokens and assets held by Bitizens players will steadily be migrated over to TRON.

The team will also be featuring a new item set: “IGO items will also be available for purchase with TRX, and in honor of this new era for Bitizens, we’ll be adding a new item for purchase: a TRON set.”

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