Cryptokitties announces new Offers feature

Cryptokitties is letting players make the offers

For anyone familiar with buying Cryptokitties, missing out on a particular generation kitty due to cost can be unfortunate. According to the team, its new offers feature intends to level the playing field somewhat.

With this new feature, whether a kitty is for sale or not, users will be able to make an offer in ETH on it. While this can allow for a number of lightning-fast sales for users, it has the potential to result in bidding wars.

This is especially the case if you find a special kitty with desirable attributes. If the original bidder is outmatched by another buyer, you either raise your initial offer or lose out.

With the inclusion of this feature, the team will be involved in each transaction; obtaining 9% of any bid that a potential seller accepts.

In the event that the offer isn’t accepted, or a bid expires, users still pay a 9% fee, or 0.008ETH if users wait three days.

The inclusion of this feature allows for users to not just pine after the desired kitty, and take action.

“Now, you’re no longer condemned to pine from afar. There’s something you can do about it.”

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