Deck the halls with Axie Infinity

This new update opens a door to a new approach towards in-game combat

Axie Infinity

With Christmas comes celebrations, and Axie Infinity is one of the games celebrating the season.

To celebrate, the Axie team has introduced a number of limited edition skins. This feature goes beyond just skins, and includes a unique mechanic referred to as ‘parts’.

These parts have similar stats as skins but have their own time-sensitive skins.

What makes them even more exclusive is the fact that they will only be breedable over the next month. Once that time elapses, they will never be breedable again.

In total, Axie Infinity has released 6 unique parts for players to discover, with new recipes being steadily released the next three days. Here are the first two, according to the team:

“The first Holiday skin can be unlocked by breeding ZigZag + Nut Cracker (Ears) onto the same Axie. This is an alternate skin for ZigZag.”

“The Second Holiday skin can be unlocked by breeding Little Peas onto a bug Axie. This is an alternate skin for Little Peas.”

For more information, visit the Axie Infinity website.

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