CryptoFights set to begin its pre-sale on New Years Day

A new year of new milestones

CryptoFights has been gaining traction in 2018, from joining the Enjin multiverse to its ‘bonanza‘ giveaways.

As 2019 approaches, CryptoFights will begin its item pre-sale, along with a number of promotional rewards.

On January 1st, over 3,000 chests will be released for players to purchase for $25.

These contain a range of limited edition and unique items, making it an effective price point for those interested in playing. This is according to an announcement on its website.

“Over 3000 items will be locked inside loot chests. Costs $25 per chest open. Payment types accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC, ENJ and Paypal. Website address will be released on Jan. 1st.”

Along with putting out thousands of chests, the pre-sale includes a number of milestone rewards. Meaning that a certain amount of chests are sold, players will unlock bonus items. These include –

  • 100 — Bloody BattleAxe
  • 200 — Ancient Bow
  • 400 — Pike of War
  • 800 — Founders Mace
  • 1200 — Sword of Kingdom
  • 1500 — Spiked Maul
  • 1800 — Stolen Pirate Pistol
  • 2000 — Lost Samurai Sword
  • 2500 — Obsidian Blade
  • 3000 — Crystal Sword
  • 3300 — Staff of Ethereum

While each of these chests cost $25, there’s no limit to the amount that players can purchase. This includes a wide range of exclusives –

  • CryptoFights MFT:  Providing perpetual rewards once in a while and an exclusive Founders Weapon Bundle.
  • Genesis Zero Weapons: – Varying from common to legendary.
  • Limited Edition Early Adopter Weapons-: Dagger, Club, Shortsword and Quarterstaff. This includes any items that are branded with the ‘EA’ symbol.
  • Special-tier Weapons: These include a range of exclusive, community-designed weapons like Zolfaghar and Cingano’s Claw.
  • Legendary Armor

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