CryptoWars weekly tournaments strain Loom, but continues to impress

Success for CryptoWars spells strains for the Loom Network

CryptoWars has overcome the previous strain on the Loom blockchain to launch to community adulation over January. It’s with good reason that Loom faced some challenges, as players numbered in the hundreds with its beta.

While it’s managed to work through these initial challenges, CryptoWars is hosting its weekly tournaments with considerably more ease than before. That’s not to say that it isn’t without its issues, however, as Loom continues to struggle under high traffic.

Over the course of this week, CryptoWars has seen over 550 villages created, bringing the total up to 2,500. According to the team, it’s a struggle that was to be expected from the Loom Network.

The positives of network strain

As one of the first games to launch on its Mainnet, growing pains were inevitable for Loom. But it’s a testament to quality for two reasons. Firstly, Loom has been assiduous in its attempts to ensure it can handle the scale of players getting involved.

The second being that, in total, CryptoWars is proving to be highly engaging for players, according to a member of the team:

Over a span of days, players are ready and eagerly engaging within weekly tournaments, no doubt thanks to a $2,500 prize. It’s also helped by the fact that players (for the moment) aren’t compelled to drop ETH in order to try it out.

One can only imagine how players will engage with the full release.

Find out more about CryptoWars by visiting the website here.

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