MegaCryptoPolis introduces and talks MoonCryptoPolis

From the Terran soil, to the craters of the Moon


While players of MegaCryptoPolis battle over patches of land on earth, its new title brings the Moon into play. Recently, the development team showcased MoonCryptoPolis via social media, giving players the chance to stake a claim on Earth’s neighbor.

Unlike its Terran counterpart, the Moon is fought over by a number of rival corporations. What makes them unique is that they’re bound by their own rules when it comes to acquiring new sectors and obtaining resources.

A scarcity mechanic is also built into the land on the Moon.

Any land purchased will subsequently increase the value of corresponding tiles around it.

This mechanic is hardcoded into the system, with players profiting whenever another player buys land next to yours.

Acquiring corresponding floor tiles allows players to create bases. And depending on the resource potential of the tiles, these can either be sold on for profit or used to expand your holdings.

Controlling mined resources like Titan, Platinum, rare-earth materials, Gold, as well as H2O and Helium3 allows them to be extracted. Once extracted, they’re immediately tradeable for ETH – and the more land owned, the more long-term profit that can be earned.

You can check out the trailer here

For more information about MoonCryptoPolis, visit the website here.

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