Blockchain Cuties debuts on TRON with rare tribute Cutie

Umka says Привет to the TRON Network

Since its integration of the TRON blockchain, players have been working assiduously at creating TRX20-based cuties. At this point in time, there are a few thousand newly created Cuties on TRON. While this is hardly surprising, what is is the fact that a rare tribute Cutie was discovered.


With each generation of breeding between these digital tokens, there are certain rare types players can create.

Depending on the kind of cuties bred, the chances of a rare type can be good, or exceptionally thin. This is where Umka, the recently sired, and very rare Cutie comes into the TRON Chain.

What makes this one particularly interesting is that neither of its ‘parents’ possesses the ‘polar bear’ gene needed to create it.

But what also sets it apart is that it is a super-rare ‘tribute’ cutie; with 30 different types being hidden in the game.

So where does this tribute come from? A classic cartoon from the Soviet Union.


With Umka being just one of the 30 available, only time will tell when we’ll see the other 29.

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