Crypto Space Commander officially launches new catalog of ships

Crypto Space Commander is now fully stocked with new ships

If there is one thing that Lucid Sights game, Crypto Space Commander, had a shortage of, it’s ships. Within the first few months of releasing its first series of ships, they had managed to sell out fast.

It’s fortunate then that the team has since announced the release of a new catalog of them. The inclusion of these new craft comes alongside the ongoing play-testing of CSC’s 0.5 alpha.

Within the game’s early alpha, the player community has been involved in a number of stress-testing exercises. These include a number of mining competitions and the much-anticipated ‘grand-melee’ between players.

In-game mining has already led players to form community guilds dedicated to the process. These guilds also include other services like policing, trading, building, and more.

For more information about Crypto Space Commander, visit the website.

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