World of Ether announces bounty of $11,000

World of Ether calls for Bounty Hunters!

In the blockchain world, we conventionally see bounties being uses as a means of testing to some degree. Whether that’s getting the more adept to help find bugs, faults or security issues, they work quite well. Blockchain gaming is different (at times), however, as we see with World of Ether.

While it was announced a few days ago, the community has proven more than dedicated to its recent bounty announcement. Considering that it was released in November 2018, the team wants to encourage users to get creative and explore the game as extensively as they can.

To do that, it’s set out a bounty for the first person that discovers, what the developers call ‘Legendary Life #120.’

Of course, like any bounty, this discovery comes with its own generous reward. The team is offering the lucky discoverer $11,000 worth of ETH for their trouble.

This new prize comes not far after the last reward given out to the community for discovering a rare sun monster in-game. For that particular winner, they walked away with $6,000 worth of ETH as well.

It’s clear to see that World of Ether is deeply invested in encouraging players to explore, experiment and play the game.

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