Forest Knight is starting off the [Lunar] New Year with a giveaway

As red and guilded as the scales of a dragon

For those taking the time to celebrate the Lunar New Year, this week includes a lot of celebration.

For development studios like Chrono Games have decided not to leave users out of the festivities.

The team has announced that for supporters of the pre-sale for its latest mobile game, Forest Knight, It’s releasing some Zodiac/New Year themed digital assets.

In total, the team is showcasing 5 new Lunar-themed assets, from armor sets to weaponry.

One of the added benefits of these items is that they are backed by Enjin. This fact presents the fact that each of these items is backed by a certain number of ENJ.

But it also raises the prospect that these assets may, or already might be usable within the Enjin multiverse.

For those interested in owning one or more of these Lunar-themed items, all you need to do is get involved in Forest Knight’s ongoing pre-sale.

For more information about these items and the pre-sale, visit the Forest Knight Website.

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