From the ashes – Nova Token ‘finalizing plans’ to rescue and ‘exponentially grow’ project

From the ashes.

From the ashes, greater things emerge.

That seems to be an appropriate phrase that can be put to use for the Nova Token project.

In late 2018, it was reported that, in light of continued struggles between itself and its investment company, as well as a narrowing prospect for further investment, the project would be shuttered as of March 2019.

While this would seem to be the ending for the project, Paul Barclay took to the company’s Telegram on March 5th to report that the company is in the final stages of securing a deal to carry on and help develop the project.

“Latest update: We’re finalizing plans to have a new company take over the Nova Token project, and grow it significantly. Much more info later this month, and we’re super excited!”

No further information was provided by the team at this time, but this is likely to change over the next few weeks.

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