HashKings partner up with Dlux, bringing the experience to the VR world

From venturing into Steem, to traversing a Virtual Reality world!

There aren’t many games out there that make the decision to walk away from blockchain solutions like Ethereum. But with HashKings making use of the Steem blockchain, it has shown a lot of promise.

One of the other developments we have seen from the team is its partnership with dlux. An acronym for ‘Decentralized User Experience’, the partnership brings with it some interesting opportunities. One of them means bringing the HashKings game to the world of virtual reality.

According to the team, upon the release of the beta of the game, players will be drawn into a fully virtual platform, powered by dlux.

No other information was provided by either team at this point. But there will likely be updates as March and April unfold.

For more information about Dlux, visit the website.

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