BitCrystals in Bloom – new campaign to reward user activity

BitCrystals are officially in bloom this month!

User activity is what separates a vibrant, active game title from a faltering one: the more activity the better.

BitCrystals has taken this lesson very much to heart as it seeks to recognize and reward user activity in the shape of its new BitCrystals in Bloom campaign.

For those interested in taking part in this new campaign, all you need to do is download the Casa Tookan wallet.

From there, users need to keep an open pair of eyes when it comes to the BitCrystals news section.

Every week from March 7th until April 30th, users can earn tokens through following the 1-2 related news stories weekly, so long as they follow the weekly guidelines.

For more information about the Bloom campaign, visit the website.

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