Hashkings is gearing up for its eventual launch

HashKings is getting closer to its official release. But that hasn’t stopped them giving us some details

From launching its newest whitepaper in mid-January, HashKings is getting ready for its eventual launch. While the development team doesn’t go as far as to give a date, they’re more than inclined to give details. Specifically when it comes to the economy behind the game and a special giveaway.

One of the first things that makes this game unique is that it’s based on the Steem blockchain. Which means that the HashKings team can’t leverage smart contracts, but this hasn’t stopped the team from working on a derivative.

Much like its Ethereum counterparts, the game makes use of Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) for players to use as an in-game currency. Where it gets diverse is in its range of ERC721 NFTs.

HashKings ERC721’s:

The game’s mechanics lend itself to a wider array of NFTs in order to allow for players to generate their own unique variants of assets, similar to CryptoKitties and Blockchain Cuties.

Bud Tokens are the example of this, and these can either be kept or sold, depending on the player.

What allows for these ‘buds’ to carry a higher value are the associated Seed and Pollen Tokens. These operate in a similar way as the genetics and siring mechanics in Blockchain Cuties and CryptoKitties.

Overall, 16,000 Gen 0 seeds exist, with each having the capability of creating new hybrid generations. The same finite Gen 0 numbers are also the case with the game’s Plot Tokens, consisting of 25,200.

As a show of appreciation

With the upcoming launch of the game, the development team has launched a giveaway.

Consisting of 420 plots of land and seeds, all players need to do is get on Steem and:

  • UpVote the original post and ReSteem
  • Comment with the URL and hashtag #canna-curate on this comment
  • Post a way to contact you

Find out more about HashKings by visiting the Steem page.

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