2D Cell game TRAPS officially joins the TRON Arcade

The list of Games in the TRON Arcade is steadily growing

The TRON Arcade is becoming increasingly populous, thanks to the appeal of the kind of support and funding it provides. One of the latest projects to get involved is TRAPS, which operates as a 2d browser game.

In TRAPS, the players objective is to consume as many cells as possible, and getting as big as possible so as to defeat enemy players. Created by the development studio, LittleFox, it was announced this week that it would be partnering up with TRON Arcade.

For LittleFox, this means bringing TRAPS to a massive, and already well-established audience on the mainnet. And with its gameplay mechanics giving players a dose of the familiar, it’s only a matter of time to see how well it fares as part of the arcade.

For more information about TRAPS, visit the website.

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