New combat features come to HyperDragons Go!

Players can get involved in unique weekly competitions with HyperDragons Go!

Competitions come with a great deal of diversity when it comes to entry requirements to who will win. HyperDragons Go! is taking this diversification to another level as it introduces what can be described as specific leagues and competitions.

According to the team, these can range from players needing a Dragon with a particular skill specialty or gender. Even going into other specific competitions such as those between players with Gen 0 NFTs.

While there is no timeline set for this competition/s, it’s possible that this will be the future make-up of competitions on the platform long-term.

Different levels – different stakes

There’s every incentive for players to get involved in competitions, as players will be eligible to win digital tokens by competing and winning. With each of these competitions being a state-based one, it means that entry fees will be pooled together to make up the total prize for the winner.

In contrast, the finals of any competition, users will be able to spend ONG as a form of staking and entry. Either that or those with an entry ticket can make use of it to enter and compete. Whichever way players choose to enter, the prize is a far larger prize pool of ONG due to the higher cost of joining.

Weekly competitions

As opposed to being a limited-time competition, players can enter these contests every Monday. And, according to the team, there is no limit on the number of dragons that can be entered into these contests. So long as the players have the money to compete, they can join.

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