It’s official – Axie Infinity and Crypt-Oink team up to create new NFTs

The partnership brings with it some interesting opportunities for players of both

From battles to races, Axie Infinity and Crypt-Oink’s partnership brings some interesting benefits for players

While we previously had speculation to work off in the initial stages, Axie Infinity and Crypt-Oink have come forward with details.

Making its partnership official as of this week, the two projects will offer those Axie owners a chance to obtain a very exclusive ‘AxTon.’

While these a free to those that own an Axie, with only 250 of them in circulation, players need to act fast. According to the team, these AxTons will only be available from 22nd until the 28th March.

A very special race

There’s an added benefit to those that participate in this giveaway, as an AxTon gives players access to the Gran-Ton-Rismo Infinity Cup. Where players will be able to compete in an effort to win the grand prize of 2,000 LUNA, Axie Infinity’s native currency.

So, for those that play both titles, this could mean victory in one race translates to some new land in the other.

All users need to do is, with their AxTon, race it and keep an eye on their timed performance against other players. The fastest racers will be in with a chance at competing in the Infinity cup when the finals begin on March 29th!

Getting you Ganbaru

Axie players aren’t left out on the festivities either! For those that own any kind of CrypTon (including AxTon), they can unlock a unique NFT.

Called a Ganbaru, these offer a 15% boost to the speed of any Axies owned by the player.

Be sure to check out both Axie Infinity and Crypt-Oink today.

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