My Crypto Heroes clocks 2.5k transactions thanks to Legendary Campaign

With thousands of transactions in one day, what is My Crypto Heroes doing?

My Crypto Heroes has seen an exceptional surge in ETH volume and transactions. So what is it the team is doing?

There have only been a few times when we’ve seen the rate of transactions and ETH volume surge. The same is very true of My Crypto Heroes, as the game witnesses a big surge in both this week.

According to DappRadar, there were approximately 2,500 transactions and 530 ETH on March 26th alone. So what is it that fuelled this peak in activity? One of these is the release of three new legendary heroes on the same day, along with other campaigns.

The legends, novices, and heroes discount events

March 26th is a rather special date for the My Crypto Heroes team, as a series of events were announced at the same time. Along with the inclusion of three legendary heroes for sale from March 26th – April 9th. My Crypto Heroes announced a 50% off sale of replica heroes pickup refreshes.

All of these different promotions all make MCH’s Legendary Campaign 2 and is attributable to the respective spike in activity.

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