What is Reality Clash?

Mixing AR, FPS and blockchain trading

In a blockchain world where most games are played via browser, London-based studio Reality Gaming Group has been early in bringing blockchain gaming to mobile.

Following its successful ICO in 2017, development is now well underway for its innovative augmented reality, location-based shooter, also called Reality Clash, which is due for release late in 2018.

Reality Clash's companion mobile app and online armory marketplace are expected to be available soon

The first part of masterplan to go live, however, will be the game’s armory, which will be accessible via a mobile companion app and a web-based exchange, both of which are due to go live in March.

All systems go

The app – called Reality Clash Armoury – will test the game’s AR technology, as well as allowing players to view and try out the various weapons that will ship in the game.

The online store will test and demonstrate the blockchain nature of the game as it will enable token holders to buy exclusive weapons. Reality Clash’s token is RCC (Reality Clash Coin Gold), which can currently be bought and sold via the EtherDelta exchange.

There will also be a non-blockchain in-game soft currency called RCC Silver, which will be used to make in-game purchases.

As for the game itself, it’s an AR shooter that will operate in either 2-player or full team mode. However, it won’t just be about frantic shooting as there will also be more strategic elements such as building a headquarters and setting up defenses.

You can get a better impression of how these elements will come together in the following video.

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