Loom launches DelegateCall, its first DAppChain app

Running on Ethereum (and not)

Continuing its mission to highlight the power of distributed apps on the blockchain and create a developer community, Loom Network has released its first DAppChain app.

Called DelegateCall, it’s built on top of Loom’s SDK and Ethereum, and is designed to provide a forum for people to ask questions about blockchains and DApp development.

It’s like Steemit and StackOverflow had a blockchain baby

Or as Loom’s labels it “It’s like Steemit and StackOverflow had a blockchain baby”.

Clever chains

The way DelegateCall works is to incentivize users to answers questions and upvoting them by rewarding them with karma points that run on the sidechain.

However, these can be exchanged for a ERC-20 token on the Ethereum mainnet and cashed out for fiat currency.

The launch is just one of a number expected from Loom Network, which as well as rolling out its own SDK is also working on a number of DAppChain games.

You can read more details about the way DelegateCall works here, dive directly into the action via the website (technically just a convenient UI to interact with the underlying blockchain!) here, or view DelegateCall’s transactions happening in real-time via its block explorer.

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