What is BitGuild?

A game, a platform, a wallet, a community…

Most blockchain-based gaming projects don’t lack for ambition and that’s certainly the case with BitGuild.

Primarily designed as a game development platform, it will also include a wallet, a virtual asset exchange and a game crowdfunding market, with these elements combining to build a strong community.

BitGuild will be open to games from thirdparty developers, although it will also be seeded with inhouse titles.

Primarily designed as a gaming platform, BitGuild will also include a wallet, a virtual asset exchange, a crowdfunding market and a game

The first of these, called BitGuild: The Game, will involve players accumulating unique tokenized in-game items that can be used in-game or traded and sold.

Powering the platform

The utility token for BitGuild will be a ERC-20 token called Platinum or PLAT, although BitGuild says it could migrate from the Ethereum blockchain depending on underlying factors such as transaction speed and cost.

The BitGuild platform will launch as web-only, with mobile supported added later in 2018. Games will be developed in HTML5 to ensure cross-platform compatibility.

Every transaction within BitGuild will be split between the game’s developers, and users (if user generated content is involved). BitGuild will also take a cut of less than 10% to maintain the platform.

Design House is a crowdfunding network, with the potential for user generated content

But perhaps the most ambitious part of BitGuild’s plan is called Design House.

Effectively, this is a crowdfunding network, with the potential for user generated content, all paid for with PLAT, whereby developers can propose new BitGuild games, with the community voting on and funding them.

Starting the process

In terms of funding for BitGuild, the token generation event for PLAT will see up to 45% of the 10,000 million total supply sold.

The money raised will be used to develop the platform itself, the BitGuild game and fund thirdparty development too.

BitGuild hopes to launch its platform in Q2 2018, with the game, wallet and marketplace launching in Q3. The first thirdparty games are expected by the end of 2018.

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