Blockchain Gamer Connects London – Blockchain Basics

Blockchain Basics is for all you need to know about getting started.

A one-stop comprehensive guide to getting to the Blockchain Basics

This track is targetting those that have a genuine interest in getting started in the world of blockchain gaming. From talks by Animoca Brands’ Robby Yung about making a recipe for success, to applying blockchain technology in the best way to support your project.

We’re glad to have influential names from companies like MagnaChain, DomRaider, Animoca Brands, Deckbound and DappRadar.

#1 – Robby Yung – Animoca Brands: Gamifying the world of blockchain

Gamification, when done right, is a powerful tool for ensuring the longevity of a game, or deeper understanding of a particular technology. This is especially true for blockchain technology.

Fortunately, we have Robby Yung to talk to us about just how blockchain can be used to gamify game titles and enhance the user experience.

#2 – Skirimantas Januskas – DappRadar: Our First Year

Innovation makes for an interesting thing to monitor, and for the last year, DappRadar has been a reliable source for those curious about anything to do with blockchain gaming!

Skirmantas Januskas talks to us about 2018, and how it’s been for the company.

#3 – Roy Liu – TRON Foundation: What is TRON? And how will it influence the blockchain gaming world?

Out of all the blockchain networks out there, there’s none that has managed to break into the ecosystem with as much speed as TRON and the TRON Arcade.

Roy Liu gives some background on TRON, and how it can influence the blockchain gaming world.

#4 – Gareth Jenkins – Deckbound: How Blockchain can fix Item ownership

Mainstream games have failed players and aspiring developers when it comes to digital assets. Losing the latter opportunities to get the former engaged with the game as a whole.

Gareth Jenkins of Deckbound walks us through how blockchain technology can change all of that.

#5 – Hal Bame – MagnaChain: How blockchain will usher in a new era of gaming

Hal Bame of Magnachain sees the kind of potential that blockchain has, and how it can transform the gaming world

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