Blockchain Gamer Connects London – ICO Insights and Token Trends

Blockchain Gamer Connects London came and went with a bang

From the ways in which ICOs can work with, or turn against you, to getting to the bottom of NFTs.

This track is targetting those that have a genuine interest in finding out more about the world of ICOs and Non-Fungible Tokens.

We’re glad to have influential names from companies like Mythical Games, Kartified, Stick Sports and Waves.

#1 – John Linden – Mythical Games: Blockchain Games Vs. Games Using Blockchain

What is the difference between a blockchain game and a game that uses blockchain? That’s a critical question to have answered in 2019.

Luckily, we have John Linden of Mythical Games to talk us through what the differences are, and why it matters

#2 – Panel Discussion – NFTs – What’s the Deal?

Our panel discusses the kind of relationship that their games have with Non-Fungible Tokens, and what this means for players, both in-game, and long-term.

Moderator: James McQuillan – Blockchain Gamer

Sebastien Borget – Pixowl 
Vlad Kartashov – War Riders
Shabam Shaame – EverDreamSoft

#3 – Paul Collins & Alasdair MacDonald – Stick Sports: Free2Play as evolution, Blockchain is a revolution

Free to Play introduced a whole new method of purchasing digital assets, showcasing microtransactions in a major way.

We’re thrilled to bring you Alasdair MacDonald and Paul Collins of Stick Sports to talk us through it!

#4 – Inal Kardanov – Waves: Fuelling the development revolution with blockchain

In the blockchain space, we look at the limitations in other industries from a different angle.

Inal Kardanov of Waves discusses the revolution that Blockchain can kickstart

#5 – John Knight – BlockV: How blockchain can take digital items even further

Whether it’s a sword, hat, or decoration, digital items have had a surprising amount of evolution over the last few decades.

Jon Knight of BlockV discusses their evolution through the years and how blockchain can take them further.

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