Builders in The Sandbox – here comes Mushroom Mania

With partnerships ranging from companies such as Atari and Dapper Labs and brands like Care Bears, Shaun the Sheep and WhaleShark, The Sandbox is shaping up to be one of the most widely supported blockchain projects. 

But as a user-generated metaverse, what will be equally important is whether it’s also supported by developers looking to create their own games and experiences within the project, and earn money in the process.

This updated list is designed to act as a reference point for all the notable projects planning to go live within The Sandbox.

Mushroom Mania

Altitude Games has announced it will be launching Mushroom Mania, a “mushroom-themed adventure collect-a-thon”.

The company has experience of such projects having launched its Battle Racers game within the Decentraland metaverse. 

Keep up-to-date with developments via the website.

Planet Rift

Currently in pre-production, Planet Rift is a community project to build an MMORPG within The Sandbox. It will initially start on 64 Land NFTs, but potentially expand to hundreds of Lands if successful. (The Sandbox consists of 166,464 Land NFTs.)

There will be three primary roles for players – exploration, puzzle-solving and combat – as well as a full economic system for items using a custom currency Rift Coins.

You can check out the overview document here.


Spanish indie Polygonal Mind, which has created multiple projects in Decentraland, is working Dethrone.

It’s a fantasy RPG adventure game that will have players fighting through missions, unlocking new areas and enemies to uncover the truth of the planet of Bylta.

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