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2019 was a busy year in the world of blockchain games.

So let’s recap on some of the most interesting news by looking back at the top 10 most popular articles we published during the year.


10.What we learned at Blockchain Gamer Connects London 2019

Blockchain Gamer Connects LondonWe kicked off 2019 with two-days of industry talks and analysis at our annual conference in London. Looking back, there was plenty of significant pointers, especially Alex Amsel’s warning that “The infrastructure isn’t yet here. It will still take years.”

You can check out the event videos here, and get a ticket for what’s now called Blockchain Gamer LIVE 2020 here


9. F1 Delta Time’s first NFT car auction completes at $110,743

Animoca Brands completed the auction of the first vehicle from its forthcoming F1 Delta Time game in style. Indeed the game generated plenty of interest across 2019 with its various vehicle auctions – something we discussed in details in the following video.


8. Blankos Block Party reveals UGC and customization gameplay

One of our most anticipated blockchain games of 2020 is Mythical Games’ Blankos Block Party, which is now due sometime in early summer (we hope).

This story revealing more details about the game, including its core user-generated content gameplay.



7. Tencent launches its own take on CryptoKitties and Pokemon Go!

China’s off-on-off-again attitude to blockchain was an underlying trend throughout 2019.

In that context, the news its largest game company was testing its own location-based blockchain game (albeit on a private blockchain) raised plenty of interest.


6. Vlad Tomko of Blockchain Cuties on going Tri-Chain and the Cutie-Universe’s first year

Blockchain Cuties

Now it’s one of the few blockchain games to successfully have been running for more than 1 year, but when we spoke to Vlad Tomko about Blockchain Cuties for this article, it was the early days of the game supporting Ethereum, TRON and EOS.

Now it also supports NEO!



5. Sentiment remains positive for blockchain games, with The Sandbox the most anticipated title

As part of our regular survey articles, in the summer, we asked our industry contacts what games they were most looking forward to.

Surprisingly, given it was relatively early in its development, Pixowl and Animoca Brands’ The Sandbox was by far the project that caught the most attention.


4. Better Brie-lieve it: CryptoKitties’ dev showcase new game Cheeze Wizards

Following the long term success of CryptoKitties, developer Dapper Labs generated plenty of excitement when it announced its next game Cheeze Wizards.

Launched in the fall, the game’s ambitious battle royale power/earning structure was technically successful but never as popular as its predecessor.


3. Enjin announces updates to digital wallet and ongoing airdrops

Blockchain gaming platform Enjin didn’t itself announce any significant news during 2019 itself, but such is its status as one of the earliest blockchain game companies, even its small news was read with interest.

This particular news covered a NFT giveaway and various updates to its wallet.


2. Theta Labs secures new funding led by Samsung NEXT and Blockchain

US blockchain-based video platform Theta Labs had a relative quiet 2019 but it started the year in fine form with investment from Samsung NEXT and Blockchain Ventures.

The latter was also busy in 2019 investing in Enjin and DappRadar.


1. Enjin gets special feature from Samsung in showcasing its flagship Galaxy S10

The most popular news of 2019 was the ‘non-announcement’ from Samsung that it was including Enjin’s ERC20 token wallet as one of the supported dapps for the blockchain store of its S10 smartphone.

The mysterious non-announcement aspect of the news was the fact Samsung showed the integration as a slide as part of its S10 press launch but didn’t officially release the news outside of this event, and didn’t allow Enjin to talk about it either. 

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