Vlad Tomko of Blockchain Cuties on going Tri-Chain and the Cutie-Universe’s first year

2018 has been a defining year for Blockchain Cuties

2018’s conclusion invites plenty of time to reminisce about how it’s been for developers especially. For Vlad Tomko, the founder and CEO of Blockchain Cuties, it’s the first anniversary of the Blockchain Cuties Universe.

Since then, the game has exploded, with over 30,000 unique cuties being owned, bought, sold and exchanged within the game.

Justin Sun-Cutiefied

With its steady progress over 2018, we have also seen the game become one of only two (for now) that have made the choice to go tri-chain.

With the game itself being available on Ethereum, EOS, and TRON, Tomko explains how Cuties’ approach stands out from the likes of EverDragons.

With the decision to make the game available on the TRON Network, the design team created a Justin Sun Cutie, making only five of them available through its pre-sale. Among those that are proud owners may include Mr. Sun himself.

It may be from a place of gratitude that Sun and the TRON Network provided reduced costs for the game’s pre-sale as it reached its last few days.

Where the latter intends to make assets of all kinds usable across each chain, Tomko intends to bring exclusivity to each one.

Blockchain Cuties

By creating an element of chain ‘tribalism’, it fosters exclusivity for whatever chain the player uses.

While this is a system that is encouraged, Tomko and the team are certain to ensure that game isn’t impeded by it.

“When launching Blockchain Cuties on Ethereum blockchain, we had to make it a hybrid game – putting some of the mechanics on-chain, and some off-chain. Otherwise it would be unplayable,” Tomko continues.

“[B]ecause players would have to pay for every single move and then wait for it to be mined. Later on we’ve decided to make the game multi blockchain, so that players would have a choice of where to play and where to store their assets.”

Much like EverDragons, in its decision to leverage multiple chains, Blockchain Cuties sought out both EOS and TRON due to their respective performance in terms of transaction speed and scalability.

“We launched the game on EOS and now are adding TRON. Both these blockchains sport better transactions per second parameters than Ethereum and allow faster gaming experience.” – Vlad Tomko, CEO of Blockchain Cuties

For more information about Blockchain Cuties, visit the website here.

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