Horizon’s Michael Sanders on integrating web3 with ease, live talk from PG Connects Toronto

In this video from Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto in July 2023, Horizon co-founder Michael Sanders speaks about how to integrate web3 with ease. 

As a game developer Sanders has identified a range of challenges of blockchain integration, and what particular tools are needed to overcome them. Attempting to solve pain points like wallet creation and onboarding to non-secure payments and high gas fees, Horizon created web3 technology solution Sequence, which is also used in Horizon’s highly regarded TCG Skyweaver.

Sanders moves on to talk about how NFTs are useful in gaming, and the ways they are not. In video gaming many in-game items have multiple copies, something NFTs don’t allow for. For that reason Horizon also created semi-fungible tokens, SFTs, which makes trading easier by enabling game assets to exist in more than one copy.

He shares his expertise on in-game marketplaces, ecosystem retention and why developers benefit from deploying their games on EVM compatible blockchains, and much more. 

This talk is a wealth of knowledge for game developers looking to tackle the real issues of web3 integration and make more seamless player experiences.

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