How Burn Ghost is using NFTs for its skill-based gaming platform

Following its launch party at NFT.NYC in April 2023, Burn Ghost has had a busy time expanding and marketing its skill-based web3 competitive games platform. had a chat with the company’s CEO Steve Curran to dig into his ideas about web3 enhancement, onboarding casual gamers and building during the current bear market. Can you give us some background to Burn Ghost, and why you think web3 is an accelerant for the project?

Steven Curran: Burn Ghost was the result of ongoing weekly brainstorming sessions that my co-founder Jason Krupat and I had during covid. We landed on an idea that we really liked for a two-sided gamified marketplace, where players pay-to-play games of skill to win desirable prizes.

When we started thinking about how the blockchain could be an ideal way to fulfil rewards and be “provably fair,” it really started to make a lot of sense. It was also apparent that the ability to speak to and market to this audience was very unique from marketing to a web2 audience, and that they have an easier time grasping a new idea. 

Blockchains are geeky so how do you think NFT prizes work for casual gaming experiences?

We view it from the perspective that what’s fun is fun, no matter what technology you are interested in. We also could see that this audience in this space is competitive, there is a lot of flexing, bragging, and showing off built into the DNA of this culture, and it is clear we can leverage that in driving interest in our competitions.

We keep the games light and fun, so that they have appeal beyond the core audience of casual gamers. 

How do you plan to onboard such an audience?

We think that we can do that in three ways: first, we can leverage the popularity of the digital rewards, whether that is an NFT, tokens, or crypto, as prizes that can drive communities to come play on the platform.

Secondly, we can export our technology and platform for winning prizes to be implemented where those fans are already playing. Lastly, we can drive a lot of excitement and attention through the launch of our own player card NFTs, as the ramp up to those launches generates a lot of buzz.

The benefit of a lack of hype is that we can focus on building the best platform we can, at our pace.

You recently launched your initial Genesis Collection of 777 NFTs. What’s the reaction been to this and what special privileges do holders get? 

The fremont was a great success. It minted out in minutes, and was trending number one in games on mint day. The benefits that holders get is entry into our Genesis Tournament, allowlist for any future NFT drop, and in the case of our next NFT offering, they will get a free airdrop.

You recently announced a partnership with game developer Mobaso. How did this come about and why is it important? 

We share a few common advisors, and the idea made sense for us to leverage the deep catalogue of games they have, but also for us to help provide a way to add competitions to existing games. 

How do you think the current crypto bear market is affecting interest in your game/s?

The core audience we want to appeal to at first is still here, still passionate about web3 games. The benefit of a lack of hype is that we can focus on building the best platform we can, at our pace.

Where do you predict web3 to be in five years, and what role will Burn Ghost play in it? 

I think as the benefits of true ownership and provable fairness become integrated into more games, players will start to demand those features in games where that is relevant.

And our hope is that Burn Ghost is helping to lead the way, so that if you are winning in web3, you are winning with Burn Ghost. 

To learn more, visit the Burn Ghost website.

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