What’s next for the Blockchain Game Alliance?

Co-founder Nicolas Gilot explains the post-launch plan

There’s been plenty of news emerging from the blockchain game sector during 2018, but the announcement of the Blockchain Game Alliance last week could end up being the year’s most significant headline.

The combination of several companies’ independent vision which coalesced in the run up to the Blockchain Game Summit 2018 in Lyon – where the Alliance was formally announced – the organisation’s formation has created plenty of buzz.

This is a very new industry so we need to help define standards and promote best practices.

Nicolas Gilot Co-CEO, Ultra

But aside from the opening statement on its web holding page and an email sign-up, few concrete details have yet emerged.

It’s a good opportunity then to talk to Nicolas Gilot, the co-CEO of blockchain game distribution platform Ultra, who’s one of the Alliance’s co-founders.

All systems go

“Everyone is excited. The news was covered by all the blockchain news sites,” Gilet notes.

“Lots of companies – big and small – are now interested in joining.”

The downside of this success, however, is the fast formation of the Alliance means it’s currently working even faster to formalize its next steps. Of course, as well as setting up the Alliance, many of the founders are also CEOs, also trying to run their own companies day-to-day.

For that reason, and the founders’ geographical spread, it’s perhaps no surprise it’s taking some time to coordinate a post-launch roadmap.

“More details will emerge over the coming weeks,” Gilet agrees.

“We’re discussing governance and the usual housekeeping to ensure the Alliance is straightforward and fair for everyone who wants to get involved.”

The launch of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance

Aside from these early growing pains, the vision for the Alliance over the coming months is actually fairly mundane.

Everything is very complicated. That’s why I think the Alliance will be important.

Nicolas Gilot Co-CEO, Ultra

“This is a very new industry so we need to help define standards and promote best practices,” Gilot says.

“There are also a lot of educational issues we can get involved with around regulations, both in terms of games and blockchain law, as well as talking to game companies who are interested in blockchain but don’t know what’s going on.

“Everything is very complicated. That’s why I think the Alliance will be important,” he adds.

This, in turn, is something reflected in the Alliance’s mission statement:

“The Blockchain Game Alliance is a coalition of gaming and Blockchain companies committed to advocate for the democratization of Blockchain within the gaming industry.”

You can sign up for more news about the Blockchain Game Alliance via its website.

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