This month in review for Auctionity

Auctionity is putting User Experience at the forefront of design

March has been an interesting month for the Auctionity team, as it provides us with a end of month report.

When compared to other digital asset marketplaces out there, Auctionity stands out. Focusing more on the relative ‘competitiveness’ of the auction house, the company has an interesting model for buying and selling NFTs. And it’s one of the things that has made its development over the first quarter of 2019 particularly interesting.

This week sees the team provide a status report on what it’s been up to, including future events that it will be attending. One of the first announcements being the grand prizes for winners of its recent Creative Challenge.

Livestreaming art – Auctionity and KnownOrigin

Having concluded on March 18th, the platform partnered up with KnownOrigin, which operates as a decentralized digital art platform. The object of the collaboration? To showcase some of the best digital artwork created by its community.

Along with earning their shares of an ETH prize, the winners will be featured on dedicated Livestream auctions on the platform, according to the team.

“The auctioneer will host the auction by sharing the background of the artists and giving some insight about the artwork and how came the inspiration. We will soon communicate about these auctions.”

These auctions provide a rare opportunity to showcase just how the platform has been revamped with UX in mind. With the intent being set upon filing down any unnecessary friction, the end result, in the minds of the team, is a seamless buying and selling experience.

Users will have more than enough opportunities to test out this new interface with the securing of two game titles, and their assets this month.

Chibi Fighters and Blockchain Cuties enter the bidding room

The inclusion of both Chibi Fighters and Blockchain Cuties to the marketplace raises some questions.

While this spells the introduction of two increasingly popular titles, there’s a pause for consideration whether Auctionity would consider multi-chain integration in the future.

Considering the fact that both Chibi Fighters and Blockchain Cuties are [or will be] available on TRON, multi-chain integration would provide the team with greater reach. But that remains speculation.

For Blockchain Cuties players, buying an NFT from Auctionity allows for the flexibility of bridging it across to another chain. Or keeping it as the default ERC721 token.

Upcoming events

Last, but not least, the Auctionity team has announced some of the events it will be showcasing at in April.

These being the Paris Blockchain Week from April 16-17th, and Crypto Games Conference in Minsk on April 25th & 26th.

For more information about Auctionity, visit the website. Be sure to also check out the interview with Karin Mikluha here.

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