Waves Island – the newest treasure hunting game to hit the Waves platform

Waves takes sail with its new treasure hunting / staking game

Similar in its application of smart contracts to Fhloston Paradise, Waves Island offers a more piratical format for players

The Waves platform has a great deal of functionality for those looking to put it to use. One of them being in the realm of gaming as we’ve previously seen from Fhloston Paradise. And now, according to its founder – Sasha Ivanov – this includes the treasure hunting game Waves Island.

In order to get started, players will need to download and connect their Waves Keeper wallets. But the structure of the game is that users stake 1 token with the chance of winning the prize pool of 10 tokens.

Much akin to Fhloston Paradise, this game makes use of a smart contract, which is generated with every individual game. What this allows for is complete transparancy and impartiality, with URLs available for ensuring this.

For those interested in giving it a try, visit the website here.

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