IOST introduces mobile log-in system to improve mass adoption

IOST has made some major headway in these first few months

The introduction of OnBlock to IOST brings with it the hope that it will unlock mass adoption

IOST has been growing considerably over the past few months, managing to surpass Ethereum with its line-up of dApps. While this list is still in the process of growing on its Olympus network. The team is set upon making itself easily open to mass adoption.

Unnecessary friction is what the IOST platform intends to remove in order to make this possible. Jimmy Zhong, the company CEO for example, illustrates the importance of this:

“The world needs a blockchain network that is not only scalable and built to deploy seamless DApp experiences, but also one that overcomes the technical barriers which prevent millions of everyday people from experiencing the benefits of blockchain technology.”

OnBlock, developed by Team Oasis, which operates within the IOST network as a node, seeks to address this. Through using OnBlock, users will be able to access to the mainnet and its range of dApps by logging in using their mobile or email.

“Through OnBlock, we will provide everyday people with a simplified and hassle-free user experience and see many more users,” Zhong continues.

“[D]evelopers, and partners come onboard IOST and power the next generation of internet services.”

Among those dApps making use of OnBlock, Endless Game will be the first dApp games to make use of this system. Giving players the chance to play its range of games on mobile.

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