Sorare secures pre-seed funding ahead of its public launch

Kick-off is coming soon

Sorare has successfully secured pre-seed funding from venture companies like ConsenSys, Seedcamp among others.

The blockchain-based football game, Sorare, has successfully managed to secure pre-seed funding in the run-up to its launch this year.

The football title had managed to obtain this from a range of investors, including ConsenSys Ventures, Ledger’s Founder, Seedcamp and Kima Ventures.

One of the things that sets it apart from other football titles is its secured partnership with the Belgian Pro League. Meaning that users will be able to purchase digital assets which are registered as official merchandise.

Seedcamp partner, Sia Houchangnia, underlines the kind of profitability that exists with virtual assets.

“At Seedcamp, we’ve been closely following the fast growth of the virtual goods economy as testified by the craze around Fortnite Skins or FIFA Ultimate Team cards.” Houchangnia continues.

“We also believe that gaming will be one of the main drivers behind mainstream crypto adoption and are delighted to have found with Sorare an exceptional team building what we think will be the first mass crypto game.”

Nicolas Julia, the co-founder and CEO of Sorare sees the kind of potential that virtual assets have for users.

“We believe that Sorare’s player cards now have the potential to bring the benefits of crypto-assets to mainstream users with a simple yet compelling offering: collect and play with scarce football digital collectibles.”

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