Chainbreakers to launch closed beta on 19th July

The beta will be taking place on the matic side-chain

Thanks to the integration of the Matic Network into Chainbreakers, the development team has pushed ahead with its closed beta. Now, this launch is due to get started on 19th July, any owners of Celestial Rings from in the game can test out this early build.

Any items owned by players on their ETH address by July 18th can be brought over to the Matic-based beta

In particular, the closed beta will be taking place within the Matic sidechain as opposed to the Ethereum main-chain.

One of the interesting things that come with this closed beta is the fact that the developers are taking snapshots of three of its smart contracts at play in the game. These are its various items, units and rings.

So, why are these snapshots being taken? What they are really are timestamps. Any users that have NFTs or assets owned on their Ethereum address before July 18th at 12pm (GMT) will be able to use these in the closed beta.

While these NFTs remain on the mainnet, the beta will allow users to use ‘projections’ of these same assets in the beta. This does mean that progress within the beta will not be recorded once the test concludes, however.

Chainbreakers showcases longer roadmap

Within the beta, the game consists of three quest areas, with required levels for each ranging from 1 to 13. The goal of the team is to provide a multi-layer beta test, which will include higher level quest areas in mid-August.

This will be followed with some changes to reward pools, and further quest areas to be added in September. On September 30th, the team aims to deploy the game onto the Matic mainnet as well.

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