0xGames introduces us to its third title – 0xRacers

From introductions to pre-sale in just a matter of weeks

0xGames is the development team behind a number of well-received games like 0xUniverse; one of its first titles, and 0xWarriors – the first to integrate with multiple chains. But now, the team has revealed its latest title – 0xRacers.

0xUniverse is the first title to undergo pre-sale and launch by the development team

The game appears to follow a similar style of mechanics as Krystal Kart and Battle Racers.

Users can customize various elements of their cars in order to improve performance with better or often unique parts.

According to the 0xGames team, players will be able to choose from hundreds of car models.

Along with this variety, there will also be thousands of components to choose from when entering customization. This seems quite possible, considering the kind of variety of NFTs on display in its other titles.

One of the first glimpses users will get of this variety will be in its pre-sale, which is due to start on June 25th.

While the team is a little vague on ‘the whole month,’ there is a 50% discount on all vehicles and parts available in the pre-sale.

From there, the team plans to launch the game by the end of summer 2019. While this alludes to a full release, players will get a chance to test out the beta in July.

Depending on if the team intends to make it available across blockchains in the future, this may spread out releases somewhat.

0xGames has had titles like 0xWarriors running off Ethereum, EOS and TRON. All of which required dedicated pre-sales, betas and launch-dates.

As we go through the pre-sale, will this be the formula for 0xRacers?

Be sure to check out the 0xRacers website.

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