Xiaomi launches tentative blockchain game Encrypt Rabbit aka CryptoBunnies

No buying or trading offered yet

With the official version of CryptoKitties launching in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan on iOS, it’s no surprise other companies are trying to get in on the act.

Given the recent clampdown by the government on most things crypto, however, Xiaomi’s test release of its web-based CryptoBunnies (aka Jiami Tu, or Encrypt Rabbit) has been carefully moderated.

For one thing, you need to have a Xiaomi account to access it (amazingly I do!), you can’t buy or sell bunnies, and no-one seems to know what blockchain the ‘game’ is actually running on.

Even more draconian, the terms and conditions appear to suggest users don’t have any rights of ownership to their bunnies anyhow.

“Xiaomi gives you a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license for Encrypted Rabbit Service,” offers up Google Translate.

Free bunnies daily

In terms of how it all works, everyday at 11am Xiaomi is releasing a new set of limited edition bunnies for users to adopt. Each bunny is unique, of course.

The game also uses the soft in-game currency Carrots, which you can earn through activities such as logging in and friend invites. It’s used to randomly acquire rabbits via a lottery turntable.

Xiaomi says in future it will add breeding mechanics, but it’s not clear how or if this will be integrated with a blockchain token or cryptocurrency.

Indeed, the company is clear that Jiami Tu doesn’t facilitate fundraising or trading between fiat and cryptocurrencies as this is now illegal in China.

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