Peter Molyneux’s ‘Legacy’ raises $54 million in funding

In spite of mainstream outlets taking overtly pessimistic views of the game, Peter Molyneux’s NFT-powered title ‘Legacy’ has managed to bring in over $54 million in investment funding.

Of course, the funding came as a collaborative land sale between Molyneux’s studio, 22 Cans, and Gala Games recently. As part of the land sale, players were given access to a wide array of land NFTs covering a digital map of modern-day London. The end result? A $54 million land-grab instigated by a community that has proven more than bullish on NFTs.

So far, over 4,500 plots of land have been sold, along with a range of very special plots like the ‘heart of london’ NFT, which sold for 220 ETH (or $900k+). Much like the geography of London itself, there’s a very limited supply of these ‘heart of London’ NFTs; with the remaining amount going for more than 527 ETH ($2.2 million).

For those unaware, Legacy operates as a mixture of an open market economy; with players hiring workers, building parts, and cornering the digital market.

What’s more, the whole market’s appetite for virtual land and property has proven nothing if not high in demand and low in supply. It was just recently that CoinTelegraph reported that the majority of NFT sales in the past few weeks were dominated by virtual land sales.

In case you aren’t aware of 22 Cans and its collaboration with Gala Games, be sure to read our coverage here.

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