Will Wright is back and making a blockchain game

The game will be called VoxVerse and intends to use VOX non-fungible tokens

Will Wright, the creator behind titles such as SimCity and The Sims is creating a metaverse game on the blockchain. 

Wright is well known in the games industry for being the original designer behind the massively successful title The Sims. Wright also created Spore which was released back in 2008, but since then the renowned game designer has been mostly quiet. 

Until now that is, Wright is back and this time has plans to create a blockchain game named VoxVerse. The project is a virtual world that drops players into a world where they can own land, mine for materials and socialize with others. The title intends include features similar to that of The Sims where characters have needs such as hunger and energy.

Design for the title is happening at Gallium Games, a blockchain-focused startup co-founded by Wright. Production however will use Unity and NFT game platform Gala Games. VOXVerse will use Gala’s NFT Vox characters – which already include the likes of licensed characters from titles such as The Walking Dead.

The VoxVerse world

Despite having a tie-in with NFTs Wright stated in an interview with Axios that “I don’t really want to be in the business of selling NFTs. I don’t care how you do it. I want to have secure transactions for content creators.” It would seem that while NFTs have a place in the game, the focus for Wright is aimed at the game design itself. 

Wright explains that the title will not only be a game but a place where other games live, by using portals players can jump into other Gala Games. The world itself will resemble the art style of VOX with its cubed themes. In the video below, Wright goes into some more detail about VoxVerse.

Will Wright discusses VoxVerse

No official release date has been given but for some, the return of Will Wright will be a much welcomed one. A title such as this wouldn’t be the first of its kind but with years of experience in the industry perhaps someone like Wright could breed some innovative ideas.

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