VRJAM unveiled new project – supported by Epic Games

VRJAM has announced a brand new project to support upcoming artists that aim to perform in the metaverse. To accomplish this, VRJAM is supported by Epic Games, along with being a previous supporter of the company through the Epic Megagrant.

The megagrant was made available to the company to help build out its software stack to make live performances on the metaverse a reality, particularly through its 3D graphical apps and games – making VRJAM’s tech readily available to developers on Epic’s Unreal Engine SDK.

Previous Megagrant recipients include Pixar Studios, The Jim Henson Company and the University of Cambridge.

At present, Epic Games’ support for VRJAM comes after recent announcements of partnerships with some major brands like Animal Concerts, the Polygon Protocol, Mars4, among others. With Epic Games, VRJAM also heralds the launch of its native crypto – VRJAM Coin – which is launching today (30th November).

The software solution that VRJAM is building with Epic’s support is a live performance toolset that empowers content creators to publish real-time computer graphical content on various platforms using advanced motion capture and CG avatar technology. By combining the power of Unreal Engine’s suite of photoreal asset tools with VRJAM’s creators and partners, the project will engineer experiences that rival reality in every way.

In the future, the company aims to engage with a wide range of high-profile developers in the Epic community, enabling them to plug into the platform easily and a new opportunity for interoperability for games and apps within web3.

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