Medieval MMORPG Avalon set for Epic Games launch

Venturing into its third year in development, open world MMORPG Avalon from Danu Games looks back at its first year in alpha and ahead to its anticipated PC launch on Epic Game Store in 2024.

Reflecting on 2023, Danu Games considers it a “highly successful production year and a year filled with enjoyable gameplay for our early-stage players”. However, all eyes are now set on the upcoming launch on Epic Games. Towards the end of 2024 there are additional plans to expand to consoles such as Xbox. 

Inspired by the tales of King Arthur, Avalon is set in a medieval landscape. As players navigate the realm they can earn rewards in the form of NFTs or in-game tokens, with purchasing and crafting resources as well as collaborating with landowners to acquire and build estates part of the gameplay.

With support from AWS and Epic, the team is also backed by multiple blockchains and has adopted a cross chain approach which recently resulted in a partnership with Immutable. While Avalon was already fully integrated with Polygon, WAX and BNB, expanding to a gaming dedicated blockchain such as Immutable and the Ethereum ecosystem might just prove to be the right move as the web3 gaming sentiment is starting to pick up. 

With NFTs available on multiple secondary marketplaces including Opensea and Atomic Hub, Avalanche and Hedera are also prospective candidates for future integration.

Visit the Avalon website for more info.

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