US military kicks off metaverse training with Project Tripoli

The metaverse has a limitless level of opportunities and applications for projects to harness – for the US military – theirs is Project Tripoli. This project is a very innovative training program being spearheaded by the United States Marine Corps.

Those familiar with news reports during military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, reports of soldiers KIA were tragically regular. But, what goes under-reported are the number of soldiers that are killed during training accidents. Over 15 years, the United States reported thousands killed in such training operations.

To combat this, Project Tripoli was launched – as a completely metaverse-based training program – offering a high level of combat realism and scenarios to get soldiers comfortable with urban combat, combined ops and more.

So far, the project has been met with a lot of positive feedback, offering a greater level of immersion thanks to its use of Augmented and Virtual Reality, they offer a fine balance of minimal danger, and maximum engagement – especially if the alternative would be classroom-based theory.

Project Tripoli proves challenging for trainees all the same; requiring focus, ample communication and situational awareness to complete the exercises.

Project Tripoli: Asia on the move to create their own metaverse combat training

While the project is a game-changer, it’s not the only program of its kind in development. Nations like India and the People’s Republic of China have also reportedly been working on their own special forces training based on the metaverse.

As of yet, however, developers and companies have been working towards making this technology more accessible, especially as metaverse training’s key obstacle is affordability. Digimation, for example, developed the DART program which is currently used for various police departments.

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