Mighty Action Heroes enables social login using Sequence

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Mighty Bear Games’ battle royale Mighty Action Heroes has had a busy run since its beta launch in July, which also saw the game migrating to Ethereum L2 blockchain Arbitrum and the TreasureDAO ecosystem.

And now it’s announced that social login has been enabled. 

Thus, what has been regarded by many as a technical stumbling block for web3 games in terms of mass adoption and onboarding web2 players, has been eliminated. This allows for a smoother login process for players, who are now enabled to log in via Google, Facebook or Twitch, automatically having a wallet created in the background using Horizon’s Sequence infrastructure.

Hunters On-Chain, Mojo Melee and Horizon’s own TCG Skyweaver are among other web3 games that have already adopted Sequence wallets successfully.

In addition to this, Mighty Action Heroes has updated its whitepaper, with added benefits for Genesis Pass holders as well as more details on the expansion of the wider Mighty Net ecosystem.

Mighty Action Heroes is a browser and mobile-based isometric battle royale game, developed by Singapore-based Mighty Bear Games, and deployed on Arbitrum. To learn more, check out our interview with its CEO and co-founder Simon Davis, and visit the game’s website.

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