Mighty Action Heroes announces switch to Arbitrum and TreasureDAO

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Currently with its NFTs on Polygon, Singapore-based Mighty Bear Games has announced it’s switching its forthcoming Mighty Action Heroes to Ethereum L2 blockchain Arbitrum and becoming part of the TreasureDAO gaming ecosystem and its MAGIC token.

The news comes as Mighty Action Heroes prepares to launch its open beta via browser on Friday 14th July. This will allow everyone to play the battle royale game, whether they have NFTs or not, although a wallet will be initially required to login. An email login system is also in the works.

Mighty Action Heroes will go live with eight new hero characters, a new item crafting system and tradable items, which are found in supply crates. Resources such as blueprints, parts and coolants are required to make grenades of different style and intensity.

“As the decentralized game publisher building the ‘world’s game console’, Treasure has always been community-driven and strives to build a thriving gaming ecosystem alongside values aligned game studios, creators, and players. The MBG team embraces many of the principles that we hold dear as like-minded, seasoned builders who put the magic of play as well as the player first,” commented Treasure co-founder Karel Vuong, 

Mighty Bear Games CEO Simon Davis added, “As a player-first studio, our main goal is to build an enjoyable game that is accessible to everyone; this is then augmented by a thriving community and a sustainable economy. Treasure plus Arbitrum is the perfect home for building a game aligned with this core vision.”

Find out more at the Mighty Action Heroes website.

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