UnicornGO co-founder on artistic influences and making herself a token woman on the blockchain

Anna Smith looks to bring a stronger emphasis on context to a popular genre

On the face of it, UnicornGO is a fairly typical cryptocollectible game. Players collect virtual pets, breed them to generate more, and trade them on marketplaces. So far, so CryptoKitties. The differences lie in the peculiar messaging surrounding the game.

We first wrote about the game last month, but now we find out there’s some hefty lore surrounding UnicornGO. The official website reads: “After an oecumenical cataclysm occurred and the human civilization died, our planet is populated by unicorns which are result of genetic and quantum experiments of a mad scientist.”

It goes on: “In the game there are references to famous fantasy films, games and historical events. Here you will find an assistant, in the form of a hologram of the diseased daughter of the professor, carnivorous killer plants, philosophically setup tournaments, in which you will have to literally destroy stereotypes.”

That’s a lot – particularly around a cryptocollectible trading game.

UnicornGO co-founder Anna Smith cites a more feminine influence on the studio’s work for the artistic ambition. Right now, blockchain tends to be a  very male-dominated space and this is something she is pushing against.

A token woman on the blockchain

On top of work at UnicornGO, Smith has also tokenized herself by releasing ITG (ITGirl) tokens at a rate of one Bitcoin per token.

Investors in ITG receive dividends from Smith’s various activities and commercial projects. These projects include Smith’s experiments in educational mobile apps, focused on teaching children about blockchain technology.

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